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Picking a Dress for Homecoming (Hoco)

Students across the country welcome fall with great anticipation of homecoming. As young ladies begin school, top on her mind is finding a homecoming dress.

Many are in search of the dress that makes a statement—long, short, strapless, halter, the list of features is extensive. 

For the dancing queen, consider choosing a dress with straps (even one strap) so you can focus on fun and not get distracted by tugging at your top.

For the twirling teen, consider ditching the athletic spandex and opt for a fun, colorful slip to add some drama, but take the scarePink Satin Slip Hoco out of your fit and flare dress.  Make homecoming special with a matching or contrasting satin slip.

Loti slips are special satin slips that accommodate the shorter hemlines—with three lengths and several colors from classic to bold.

HocoLast but not least, if you’re wearing new shoes to Hoco, take a few minutes to scuff the soles of your shoes on the driveway to avoid slipping on the dance floor.

Homecoming games and dances have a long tradition in American life.  Filled with school spirit, football, and a fancy dance, students and faculty prepare for the festivities. This is a fabulous time to make memories.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Enjoy!   



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