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When to Wear Shapewear. When to Wear a Slip.

There is a time for shapewear and a time for the comfort and ease of a satin slip. 

Some form of shapewear dates back to Ancient Crete, and who can forget the famous Scarlett O’Hara getting laced up into her corset in Gone with the Wind? Or more recently, Elizabeth in Pirates of the Caribbean. For generations women have sought ways to look fabulous. 


Pirates of the Caribbean Corset Scene

The Case for Shapewear

Today’s version of shapewear is more utilitarian, with technology fabrics and designs to suck in and smooth figures. Women who enjoy wearing bodycon dresses, form-fitting pencil skirts and fine knit sweater dresses rely on shapewear from brands like Spanx and Commando. There is no doubt of the visual benefits of compressing flesh to create a flattering silhouette.  (by the way, the lady below doesn’t need shapewear.)


On the Other Hand

There are women who don’t bother with the squeeze and unflattering appearance of the shapewear itself.  Recently this mom-duo made a good-humored video about the perils of shapewear. 


For women who want to polish their style without sacrificing comfort

There’s a new-ish modern slip on the market, it’s the Loti satin slip, a perfect choice to complement your style.

Red Satin Slip

Simple nylon slips have been worn for generations to protect wearers from itchy fabrics and to make see-through dresses less scandalous.

Now with the popularity of thong underwear (think dress wedgie) and the prevalence of thin fabrics (think indecent exposure), a slip is more important than ever. 

thin fabric

Women of all ages wear slips to polish their carefully curated look.  Whether they are wearing a simple jersey dress, a professional shift dress, or a casual cotton skirt, women feel covered without the unwanted cling. 

(Before a slip and after adding a slip)

Why wear a slip

With a slip, women can say goodbye to the unintentional see through dress, adios to embarrassing cling and ciao to the dreaded dress wedgie.

Loti slips are more than a utilitarian undergarment. Our slips are special.  We use exceptionally smooth, gorgeous charmeuse satin. In fact, this fabric is so stunning that it is commonly used for wedding dresses and prom dresses because it’s available in a rainbow of colors, it’s soft and drapes beautifully.

To offer a figure flattering fit, Loti slips are cut on the bias to give a little stretch and an elegant drape over your silhouette.  

Pink Satin Slip

And while looking good is important, we believe feeling comfortable is equally important.  So we use plush elastic to keep your slip in place without pinching your skin.

We also know that variety is the spice of life, so we offer Loti Slips in three lengths and seven colors to suit any style.

Satin Slips


If you’re wearing a form-fitting pencil skirt or fine knit sweater dress it might be a good idea to try shapewear. But for everything else, a comfy satin Loti slip will suit your style.

Thank you for reading.  Enjoy 20% off your purchase with this code: WearLoti

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