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Why Wear a Slip with your dresses and skirts?

Put an end to the suffering….friends don’t let friends wear dresses or skirts without one.

Have you noticed all of the cute dresses EVERYONE is wearing? Adorable…well, almost adorable.  Women and girls EVERYWHERE are unknowingly suffering from one or more of the FIVE dress no-nos and faux pas. 

  1. The clingy dress that hugs you in all the wrong places—and shows off your troubling underwear lines…
  2. The full and flirty dress that bunches up between your knees when you walk. (unsightly—what’s a girl to do? Stay seated all day?)
  3. The ‘wore it one too many times before dry cleaning dress’ –less than fresh.
  4. The oops…it got stuck “up in there,” I wore a thong with my dress… (A common sight among generations…ugh)
  5. The shapewear 'all tucked in look' and robotic walk... (sometimes amusing.)

Now for the solution!

It’s the time-tested, mother-approved…. simple slip! Not just any slip, the modern slip (#ModernSlip). 

  • The modern slip helps clothes glide gracefully over your body. Simply put, clothes hang better and move more comfortably when worn with a slip underneath, plus the slip hides unsightly underwear lines. Even if your skirt gets static-y, the slip will keep it from clinging to your legs. (REALLY)
  • If you are a fan of the full skirt, a simple slip will prevent it from getting bunched up between your legs when you walk.
  • For you gals on a budget, slips help keep your clothes clean, so you only have to wash the slip instead of your (potentially dry-clean-only) dress or skirt.
  • And with the popularity of thong underwear, a slip is critical in keeping your dress from going undercover. A slip acts as your first line of defense to the creeping phenomena plaguing women of all ages.

If all those reasons don’t make you want to wear a slip, you should know that slips make you feel fresh and fabulous!

When you decide to spontaneously twirl, the slip keeps you from putting on an embarrassing show (think high school girls).

I hope you find this topic to be entertaining, but more importantly, a public service announcement we all could use.  ;-)

Need a slip? We have you covered. Shop now: www.LotiSlips.com 

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