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Our Story

It all started when my teenage daughter discovered dresses…there were so many darling dresses, but each one needed a slip beneath it to polish the look.  So, we began a quest to find a suitable slip only to discover the available slips were too long and in my daughter’s words, “boring.” 

My Mom's Slip

My mom gave me my first slip that was originally hers.   It’s a heavier fabric and I just loved the way it made me feel. Covered and pretty.  Fast-forward 10 years and I bought my first black slip.  It was simple, but in my eyes, it was stunning. These two slips served as an inspiration to make a slip for my daughter. 

The criteria we developed together was that the slip needed to be short for modern hemlines, it needed to look pretty (not like an undergarment), and have a splash of color.

With that in mind, we designed a simple, elegant slip using polyester charmeuse fabric that feels special and drapes beautifully.  We cut the fabric on the bias to create a smooth line for your figure.

The slip worked great! After sharing our story with a few people, we learned that several women need a modern slip.  So we decided to offer our slip in a few lengths to accommodate multiple hemlines. 






  • Charming 15"
  • Dazzling 13"
  • Daring 11"

Now we’re offering this lovely slip to people beyond our family and friends.

We also added some fun colors and patterns to the mix!


Satin Slips in bold colors.

Our brand, Loti, stands for “Lovely on the inside.” Our slips began with love and are handcrafted with love in Cary, North Carolina.  

We believe that feeling lovely starts from within and in this case, under your carefully curated look.

We hope you enjoy your Loti slip as much as we do.